Before college life, Liangjie lived in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in mainland China since 1985. He received elementary school education in HongZhuanXiLu Primary School Of Chengdu. In 1997, he entered YuCai Middle School for 3 years. After that, Liangjie stepped into Chengdu No.7 Middle School, which is the best high school in Sichuan Province. During his high school years, Liangjie operated a website for high school students from 2000 to 2005.

In 2003, Liangjie entered Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) for his undergraduate study. He left his hometown and lived in Beijing for four years. During the time in BUCT, he worked as a chairperson and director for Student Network Center, a student organization which takes charge of the university online community. He holds B.S. in Computer Science and Technology.

In 2007, Liangjie came to Lehigh University, PA, USA for graduate study and obtained M.S. in Computer Science in May, 2010. He worked with Professor Brian D. Davison in the field of information retrieval, web mining and social networks. He has been actively participated in many projects to understand social media and user generated content, with a number of publications in world-class venues like SIGIRKDD, WWWAAAI and CIKM.

In 2008 summer, Liangjie worked as an intern at Software Consulting Services, LLC, a PA-based software company for newspapers., on a Web 2.0 project. In 2010 summer, Liangjie worked as a research intern at Yahoo! Labs with Byron Dom, Siva Gurumurthy and Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis to discover topics from multiple text streams with their temporal dynamics. In the next 2011 summer, Liangjie came back to Yahoo! Labs to work another term of research intern with Alex Smola, Amr AhmedSiva Gurumurthy and Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis on the problem of identifying geographical topics from Twitter streams. Later that year, Liangjie jointed Linkedin Corporation as a Data Science intern working with Ron Bekkerman and Joseph Adler to build the personalized recommendation system for user items.

Liangjie has a wide range of interests and hobbies. In his spare time, he likes to read books, listen to classical music and play piano. He is also very interested in philosophy and arts.